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Class Descriptions

Mommy & Me (18 months - 2 1/2)
A half hour class designed specifically for moms and toddlers who are ages 18 months through 2 years of age. Together moms and children will explore song and dance. Interaction with other toddles makes this a wonderful first group activity experience. Focuses on developing creativity, kinetics, and rhythmic skills using a variety of age appropriate activities. Parent participation is mandatory.

Creative Dance 1 (ages 2 1/2 - 3 (*2 1/2 starting in August, MUST be 3 by end of December)
Creative Dance 2 (ages 4 - 5)
Focuses on developing coordination, creativity, kinetics, and rhythmic skills using a variety of age appropriate activities. This class combines ballet and tap dance to help introduce children to a variety of dance styles.

Primary Dance (ages 6 - 8)
Similar to creative dance, but with more advanced coordination movements. Introduces technical concepts that will prepare them for level classes.

Level Classes/Adult Classes (ages 9 & up)
Classes for an older, more mature level of dancers. Adult classes are available by walk-in.

Ballet / Pointe
The foundation of all forms of dance. The dancer learns proper body alignment, technique, musicality and grace. The classes include warm-up at barre, center floor work and progressions. *Students interested in pointe must be 12 years old or/and have teachers approval.

A stylized technical form of dance that requires a ballet foundation. The classes include a warm-up, progressions, and end with a center floor combination.

Hip Hop
This style is fun and exciting for all ages. This class demonstrates rhythm, aerobic movement and each student will find that they can add their own unique style.

This form of dance teaches basic fundamental tap sounds and steps which lead to advanced syncopation, as well as develops coordination and rhythmic ability.

Lyrical / Modern
Combination of ballet and jazz technique. This form of dance is very expressive in nature. It educates the student in terms of moving through space dynamically.

Leaps & Turns
This class is focused on learning and perfecting different "tricks". A variety of leap and turn combinations, from all styles of dance, will be demonstrated.

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